Pawn Your Cartier Watch in Queens, Nassau and Long Island For The Quick Cash Loan You Need Today!

The Gold Standard of Queens and Long Island offers 8 safe and convenient locations for you to pawn Cartier watches. We are a family owned and operated pawn shop in NY. All of our staff carry on our business with the highest ethical standards-no tricks or gimmicks. For an instant cash loan at a pawnbroker you can trust, come to The Gold Standard. Here are just a few highlights when you pawn Cartier watches with us:

  1. The Absolute Highest Payout for your Cartier
  2. Instant Cash Loan for your Cartier Watch
  3. NO Credit Checks or Extensive Applications
  4. Honest & Reliable Local Pawnbrokers
  5. Friendly & Knowledgeable Pawn Shop Staff
  6. Most Transactions Take Less Than 15 Minutes

For More Information, Please Call Us At: (800) 316-7060

Cartier Watch History

c3Cartier was founded by Léon Cartier in 1884 in St Imier with the specific purpose of developing chronographs and counters for scientific and industrial applications. In 1936, Cartier became the official supplier to the Royal Air Force. Cartier introduced the first chronograph to be fitted with a circular slide rule known as the Cartier Chronomat in 1942. This exceptional chronograph was extremely popular among pilots across the world. Over the years, Cartier Watches have maintained their excellence and superior quality.
If you are strapped for cash, you don’t have to resort to selling your Cartier. You have other options. Consider pawning your Cartier at The Gold Standard. Pawning your Cartier doesn’t mean selling your Cartier; it means getting a high cash loan and getting your Cartier back once the loan and interest have been paid!

How to Pawn Your Cartier for Fast Cash Loans

  1. Bring in your new, used, or old Cartier to one of our 8 pawn shop locations in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk County, NY
  2. Have a professional examine your Cartier Watch
  3. Get the best offer with the most competitive price
  4. Get an Instant Cash Loan in a matter of minutes!
  5. After loan and interest have been paid in full, your Cartier Watch will be returned in the same condition you left it in