Personal Loans
with Collateral

Collateral loans are an easy way to unlock the value in the assets you already own. There are no credit checks or loan applications, and the entire process to get the cash you need takes about 20 minutes. Your valuables are secured in our vault until you’re ready to retrieve them. We accept jewelry, luxury watches, cars, motorcycles, fine art, engagement rings and more as collateral for a pawn loan.

If you’re looking to receive fast cash without the hassle of a bank, visit us today for a collateral pawn loan.

Benefits of Collateral Loan

The Gold Standard is New York’s premier pawn shop, offering exceptional service with professional and knowledgable staff. With over 75 years experience we have helped thousands of customers use their assets to receive a collateral pawn loan.

Using your assets such as jewelry, automobiles, watches and more to secure a collateral loan allows you to meet your short-term financial needs without having to sell your valuable jewelry. The Gold Standard provides our clients with a secure, stress-free and discrete way to receive cash for diamonds. We offer safe and secure storage of your valuables with 24 hour monitoring and surveillance.

  • Fast Transactions
  • Cash Payout
  • No Credit Check
  • Discreet & Secure
  • Private Rooms
  • 4 Locations in NY

How It Works

Get $100 – $50,000 in under 20 minutes! The process for receiving a pawn loan is fast, secure and discreet.

1 Bring in Your Item

Find a pawn shop near you today. Stop by at any of our 4 pawn shops in Queens or Long Island or schedule an appointment by calling us at (516) 513-0830.

2 Free Evaluation & Appraisal

Our expert appraisers with extensive knowledge of the industry will evaluate your item in from of you and offer the highest payout possible.

3 Get Cash On The Spot

Within 15 minutes you can be walking out with the cash you need, all while enjoying an experience unsurpassed in the industry.

Fast Cash Without Hassle

Get a safe, fast and discreet collateral loan with Queens & Long Island’s only high end collateral loan broker. With the Gold Standard, you can exchange your jewelry, diamonds, watches, cars, motorcycles, gold and more for cash in a professional and welcoming environment without having to permanently part with your valuables.

In accordance with New York State Law, The Gold Standard offers pawn shop loans for a 4-month term with the option to renew. To renew your personal loan with collateral for another 4-month term simply pay any interest and fees for the original term and let us know you’d like to extend for an additional 4-months.

Your valuables will be held safely and securely until you’re ready to retrieve them. To learn more about a pawn cash loan, call us at 800-316-7060.

The Gold Standard offers competitive rates on all loans.  We offer a minimum repayment period of 30 days and a maximum repayment period of 4 months with options to extend. We offer low interest rates with a 35% maximum APR (Annual Percentage Rate). For example, a $500 loan would incur monthly finance charges of $14.58. If the loan is paid off after 4 months the total amount due would be $558.32. Additional fees may apply, visit one of our 4 locations for more information.