Best Place To Get A Pawn Loan In NYC!

Best Place To Pawn Loan NYCThe Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers is the Best Place To Pawn Loan NYC. There was a time when a NYC pawn shop carried a negative connotation. The popular conception was that to get a pawn loan in NYC, you would have to subject yourself to visiting a dimly lit storefront, and wait behind plexiglass. You would then be attended to by a shady looking individual who took your valuables to a back room and low balled you on the loan. The pawn process was never explained to you and sometimes these storefronts in NYC would close without warning. The best you could hope for was to get your pawn items back in the same condition that you brought them into that place.

The Times Have Changed For Places To Pawn Loan NYC!

Thankfully times have changed. New York City cleaned up its act, and so has the pawn business.  The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers is the best place to get a pawn loan in NYC.  With 18 offices throughout NYC and Long Island, we pride ourselves in putting customer satisfaction above all else. Our offices are spacious and tastefully designed with the best furnishings. They are brightly lit and you will never sit behind a bulletproof window. We even offer free Keurigcoffees to all of our customers when they come into our pawn shops in NYC.  We understand that often times, our NYC customers have hectic schedules and cannot come into our place to get a pawn loan during the week. For their convenience, we are open seven days a week from 10 am to 6 pm, with extended hours to 8 pm on Wednesday.

We Have The Most Professional Staff Around

You no longer have to deal with shady individuals when you need a pawn loan in NYC. Our professionally trained staff will take the time to explain the pawn process and address all of your concerns. They will never appraise any item out of your line of sight. There are no backrooms because everything in our pawn shops is done in front of you. Our appraisers will give you the best offer for your pawn items and will pay you in cash for your pawned items.

We Hold An “A” Rating With The Better Business Bureau

At The Gold Standard, our emphasis on customer satisfaction is key to our success as a company. As a result of our excellent customer service, we have been bestowed with an “A” rating by The Better Business Bureau.  This is why The Gold Standard is the best place to get a pawn loan in NYC. We also understand your concern for the safety of your valuables. When you get a pawn loan at our NYC offices, your valuables will be stored with care in our ultra secure vaults. We pledge to return your items to you in the same condition that you brought them in.