Pawn Silver Necklaces in Long Island & Queens NY

Throughout our [short display=’Locations2′] in Queens and Long Island, our professional appraisers seek to provide our customers with a fast and easy instant cash loan when you pawn Silver Necklaces. The Gold Standard is a family owned and operated business with our customer’s best interest in mind. Here are just a few highlights of getting a pawn loan with us:

  1. No Credit Checks
  2. No Extensive Applications
  3. No bad credit score reportings
  4. Loan extensions available
  5. Loans up to $250,000
  6. Low interest rates for your pawn loan

pawn silver necklaces

The Gold Standard operates on high ethical business standards when you pawn silver necklaces. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience possible by being honest and fair with all our customers. In 2010 and 2011, The Gold Standard was voted ‘Best of Long Island’ by the LI Press. Our promise to offer quality and dependable customer service throughout the years has helped us build lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Why Pawn Silver Necklaces?

Here at The Gold Standard, we know it’s not easy for our customers to part ways with their Silver Necklaces. We understand it can be especially hard if your necklace was a gift and holds sentimental value. Pawning your Silver Necklace is not Selling your Silver Necklace, it’s getting a Cash Loan! With our pawn loans, you can get the immediate cash you need without having to part ways with your necklace. You can be confident that your necklace will be securely placed in a vault during the loan period.

Silver Necklaces We Pawn:

  1. Tiffany Necklaces
  2. Judith Ripka Necklaces
  3. David Yurman Necklaces
  4. Broken Silver Necklaces
  5. Vintage Silver Necklaces

Silver Necklaces Pawning Process:

  1. Bring in your Sterling Silver Necklace
  2. Receive a free appraisal for your necklace
  3. Get instant cash loan with the lowest interest loans
  4. A photo is taken of items you wish to pawn
  5. After the loan and interest has been paid back, The Gold Standard returns your necklace in the same condition as it was received