Pawn Sterling Silver Flatware in Long Island & Queens NY

Pawn your sterling silver flatware at any of our 8 Locations for pawn throughout Queens and Long Island. Getting an instant cash loan is simple at The Gold Standard pawn shops in Long Island and Queens. All our professionals have been trained to accurately determine the worth of your Silver Flatware. Here are a few benefits of getting a pawn loan with us:

  1. No Credit Checks
  2. No Extensive Applications
  3. No bad credit score reportings
  4. Loan extensions available
  5. Loans up to $100,000
  6. Low interest rates for your pawn loan

pawn silver flatware

As a family owned and operated business, our business motto is to treat our customers like family. That means our customers can expect to receive fair and honest prices for their flatware. We’re not like your average pawn shop; we value our customers and value the importance of having high customer satisfaction.

Why Pawn Sterling Silver Flatware?

Silver Flatware is a fine luxury item. It is common for customers to bring in flatware sets that were passed down as a family heirloom. While Silver Flatware may be worth a high value, many of our customers do not wish to sell their inherited sets. However you can get the cash you need without having to sell! Visit our pawn shops in Long Island and Queens and get a temporary collateral pawn loan for your flatware. Rest assured your flatware set will be kept in a safe vault and returned in the same condition once the loan and interest have been paid.

Silver Flatware Pawning Process:

  1.  Receive a free Sterling Silver Flatware appraisal
  2. Get an instant cash loan at the best rates
  3. A photo is taken of your flatware set to ensure it is returned in same condition
  4. After the loan and interest has been paid back, The Gold Standard returns your Silver Flatware in the same condition as it was received

Sterling Silver Flatware We Pawn:

  1. Gorham
  2. Reed & Barton
  3. Wallace
  4. Towle
  5. Tiffany
pawn silver flatware queens long island

Fast Cash Loans

Most luxury brand Sterling Silver Flatware are known for maintaining their value for years down the road. Customers who are interested in pawning their Sterling Silver Flatware for instant cash are guaranteed to get the cash loan advancement they need. We all run the risk of being short on cash — pawning your flatware in one of our pawn shops in Long Island and Queens might be the perfect solution for you when you need money immediately.