Platinum Jewelry Pawning in Long Island & Queens NY

pawn platinum jewelry

Head over to any one of our [short display=’Locations2′] The Gold Standard pawn locations throughout Queens and Long Island to pawn your Platinum Jewelry. If you are short on cash, get a no hassle instant cash loan. Our friendly staff have your best interest in mind. Here are just a few benefits for getting a collateral pawn loan with The Gold Standard:

  1. No credit checks & no applications
  2. Same day instant cash loan
  3. Low interest rates
  4. High, competitive prices for your loan
  5. Loan extensions available past 4 months

The Gold Standard is like no other pawnshop in New York. We believe the success of our business is measured by how satisfied our customers are, which is why we commit ourselves to be 100% fair and honest with all our clients. Our customers keep coming back because of our genuine customer service and our unbeatable offers. It’s no wonder why we were voted ‘Best of Long Island’ by the LI Press for 2010 & 2011.

Why The Gold Standard is #1 in the Industry

  1. Rings
  2. Bracelets
  3. Necklaces
  4. Earrings
  5. Brooches
  6. Watches
  7. Cuff Links
  8. Tie Bars
  9. Designer Jewelry
  10. Diamond Platinum Jewelry

Why Pawn your Platinum Jewelry?

Platinum has remained high in value. in fact, it is more valuable and lasts longer than gold. Due to its high density, it doesn’t’ scratch easily like gold. Platinum is also known to be hypoallergenic because it contains 95% platinum and 5% of other alloys that are also hypoallergenic. Because platinum is so valuable and desirable, you will be sure to get a high instant cash loan for any item you wish to pawn.

Platinum Jewelry Pawning Process for an Instant Cash Loan:

  1. Free jewelry appraisal
  2. Guaranteed instant cash loan for Platinum Jewelry
  3. Once loan is repaid your jewelry is returned in its original condition
pawn platinum jewelry queens & long island 

Get Instant Cash With A Cash Loan Today

At The Gold Standard we understand that your Platinum Jewelry may hold both monetary and sentimental value. Many family heirlooms are made of Platinum because of its strength and durability. Keep in mind that Pawning Your Platinum Jewelry is not the same as Selling Your Platinum Jewelry, it’s simply getting an Instant Cash Loan! As soon as the loan is repaid your jewelry will be returned to you in the same condition as it was received.