Pawn / Cash Loans For Platinum Bars in Long Island & Queens NY

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Get a hassle-free instant cash loan – pawn your Platinum Bars at The Gold Standard. We offer [short display=’Locations2′], safe and convenient pawn shops throughout Queens and Long Island. When you need cash now, time is an important factor. Instead of waiting around for bank loans that could take weeks, get an instant pawn loan with us! No credit checks and no long applications are required, which means you can get the cash you need in a timely manner. We offer loans up to $250,000.00 with loan extensions if needed.

The Gold Standard is the leading pawnbroker throughout Long Island and Queens. We conduct our business by following ethical business standards. Our staff is professional, honest and friendly. We are committed to providing a high level of customer service and high payouts that satisfy our customers. That is why we have been voted Best of Long Island by the Long Island Press two years in a row!

Why Pawn Platinum Bars?

Platinum is a precious metal often associated with sophistication, wealth and prestige. It is
extremely durable, pure and strong. Platinum also has a much longer life cycle than other precious metals, it doesn’t scratch and retains its luster much longer.

Selling or pawning your Platinum bars will be profitable for anyone in need of money. If your Platinum Bars hold sentimental value, pawning them could be your short term solution for your money needs. Put money in your wallet without losing your Platinum Bars forever.

Platinum Bars We Pawn:

  1. Pamp Suisse 1oz
  2. Johnson Mathey 1oz
  3. Credit Suisse 1oz
  4. Credit Suisse 1 gram
  5. Credit Suisse 5 gram

Fast Cash Loans

The Gold Standard understands the value of your Platinum Bars. We offer you the most competitive prices for an easy cash loans. We appraise your Platinum Bars on the spot and make a competitive offer based on their value. We keep your bars safely locked away until you are ready to pay back your loan plus interest.

Why We’re the #1 Platinum Pawn Shop Throughout Long Island & Queens:

  1. Free same day expert appraisal
  2. Low interest rates
  3. 100% Confidentiality
  4. Quality customer service
  5. Same day cash for your platinum
  6. Safe protection for your Platinum Bars
  7. Convenient hours 7 days a week