Pawn Pendants in Long Island, Queens & Manhattan NY


Pawn Diamond PendantReceive a free appraisal and quick cash loan when you pawn your pendant with The Gold Standard. We offer 8 safe and convenient pawn shops in New York, including Queens, Long Island and Manhattan. When you pawn your pendant with The Gold Standard no credit checks and no long applications are required. Getting a cash loan for jewelry is quick, confidential and secure.

The Gold Standard is a business committed to quality customer service, fairness and high cash payouts for your jewelry. Over the past 75 years in the jewelry business, we have built our business by catering to the needs of our customers and community. Our satisfied customers have voted us the ‘Best of Long Island’ for 4 consecutive years in a row by the LI Press.

Why Pawn Pendants?

Customers come to our New York pawn shops when they need extra cash. Some are happy to sell their jewelry, while others have sentimental jewelry that they may not wish to part with.  We understand that no one wants to permanently part ways with any piece of jewelry that holds emotional or sentimental value. Getting a cash loan for your jewelry may be the ideal solution for you. When you pawn your pendant you receive the cash you need and your jewelry is held safely in a vault until you’re ready to redeem your loan. Once you pay off the loan your pendant is returned to you in the same condition it was received.  Get a cash loan for your jewelry today.

Get A Free Appraisal and an Instant Cash Loan

Pendants made of Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, or Sterling Silver are valuable. The value of your Pendant depends on what precious metal it is made of, whether or not diamonds are included and if so, the size and quantity of the diamonds. If you are eager to find out the worth of your jewelry, simply bring it in to our New York pawn shops for a free, no-obligation appraisal.

We stand out from the rest by offering:

  1. Cash loans in 15 minutes
  2. Free professional appraisals
  3. Low interest rates
  4. 100% Confidentiality
  5. Quality customer service and care
  6. High cash loans for your Pendants
  7. Safe and secure holding facility for your items
  8. Convenient hours: open 7 days a week
  9. Extensions past standard 4 month loan period
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