Pawn Bangles in Long Island & Queens NY

Get an instant loan by pawning your gold, silver, platinum or diamond bangles at The Gold Standard. We offer 8 pawn shops in Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island.  If you are in need of cash and have bangles of sentimental value, consider our bracelet pawn option. For the duration of your loan your items are kept safe in a secure and vaulted location. When you are ready to redeem your items your jewelry is returned to you in the same exact condition as we received it. It’s as simple as that.

At our pawn shops in Queens and Long Island, our staff is committed to honesty, quality customer service and high payouts for your jewelry. We are a family owned business with over 75 years in the jewelry business. Our high customer satisfaction is why we have been so successful over the years. We are recognized as one of the best businesses in Long Island, as witnessed by our customers who have voted us ‘Best of Long Island’ for four consecutive years in a row.

Why Pawn Bracelets?

Perhaps that set of Platinum Bangles was a gift from Grandma. Or perhaps those Diamond Bangles were a gift from your husband when you were dating. It’s no surprise that each piece of jewelry has a sentiment and a story attached to it.

At The Gold Standard, we understand how hard it is for some of our customers to let go of jewelry that may have significance to them beyond their monetary worth. Pawning your bracelet may be your best solution for when you need an instant cash loan.  Pawning your Bangles is not Selling your Bangles, it’s getting a Cash Loan! A collateral pawn loan can secure cash in your wallet in under 15 minutes and allow you to keep your valuables once the loan has been paid.

Get An Instant Cash-Loan

Bangles that are made of Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver or Diamonds are valuable. The value of your Bangles depends on what precious metal it is made of. If you are unsure what your Bangles are made of, simply bring them in to our pawn shops in Queens and Long Island for a free appraisal. Everyone runs short on cash from time to time, pawning your bracelet for cash is a great solution.

Why The Gold Standard is #1 in the Industry

  1. Same day free expert appraisals
  2. Low interest rates
  3. 100% confidentiality
  4. Quality customer service
  5. Instant cash for your Bangles
  6. Safe vault protection for your Bangles
  7. Convenient hours: open 7 days a week
  8. Extensions past standard 4 month loan period
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