Pawning Diamond Earrings in Long Island & Queens NY

silver_earringsOur professional staff at The Gold Standard ensures our customers a secure and safe environment to pawn diamond earrings. If you need instant cash but don’t want to sell your Diamond Earrings, consider getting a pawn loan with us.  Here are some of the benefits of getting an instant pawn loan for your diamond earrings with one of our pawn shops in Long Island and Queens, New York

  1. No credit check & no extensive applications
  2. Loans up to $100,000
  3. Extensions past 4 months
  4. 100% confidential
  5. High amount for your loan

When you pawn diamond earrings with The Gold Standard you can expect a high cash payout and to receive the highest level of customer service guaranteed. Over the years we have proven to be a reliable, honest and dependable service with the friendliest staff around town. That is why The Gold Standard has been Voted #1 by the Long Island Press for Four Consecutive Years in a Row!

Common Diamond Earrings To Pawn:

  1. Diamond Stud Earrings
  2. Antique Diamond Earrings
  3. Diamond Earrings with Colored Stones or Gems
  4. Diamond Hoop Earrings
  5. Estate Diamond Earrings
  6. Designer Diamond Earrings
  7. Single Diamond Earrings
  8. Chandelier Diamond Earrings
  9. ALL colors of Diamond Earrings
  10. Broken Diamond Earrings
pawn diamond earrings queens long island

Why Pawn your Diamond Earrings?

The staff at our pawn shops in Queens and Long Island, New York is trained to guide you through the pawning process so you can quickly and discreetly receive a cash loan for your diamond earrings. We always make sure to evaluate your valuables right in front of you on NY certified scales. First we will determine the type of precious metal the diamonds are set in and then we will consider the 4 C’s of a diamond: cut, color, carat, clarity. These are the 4 major components used throughout the world to evaluate the value and quality of a diamond. When in need of cash visiting our pawn shops in Queens and Long Island, New York is the ideal solution.  We offer extensions past the 4 month term and low interest rates. Rest assured your Diamond Earrings will be safely locked away until they are returned to you.

Get Instant Cash and Cash Loan Today

The staff at The Gold Standard understands how hard it may be to let go of your Diamond Earrings. With a pawn loan you do not have to permanently part with your jewelry.  Pawning your Diamond Earrings is not Selling Diamond Earrings, It’s Getting a Cash Loan!  Your valuables are kept in a vaulted location until you are ready to redeem.

How We’re Different at The Gold Standard:

  1. Same day free expert appraisal
  2. 100% Confidentiality
  3. Quality customer service
  4. Same day cash for your Diamond Earrings
  5. Safe vault protection for Diamond Earrings
  6. Convenient hours 7 days a week