Pawning Diamond Bracelets in Long Island & Queens NY

pawn diamond bracelets queens long island

Get an instant cash loan for your Diamond Bracelets – gold, silver, or platinum! We offer [short display=’Locations2′] for pawn throughout Queens and Long Island. Pawn loans are great for anyone in need of instant cash without having to go through long credit checks, extensive applications or having to worry about bad credit score reportings.

The Gold Standard Staff is committed to honest business transactions. Expect high payouts and quality customer service when you pawn your diamonds with us. We are recognized as one of the best businesses in Long Island, as witnessed by our customers who have voted us ‘Best of Long Island’ for two consecutive years in a row.

Common Diamond Bracelets To Pawn:

  1. Diamond Bangle Bracelets
  2. Estate Bracelets
  3. Gold Diamond Bracelets
  4. Silver Diamond Bracelets
  5. Platinum Diamond Bracelets
  6. Damaged or Broken Bracelets
  7. Gemstone Bracelets
  8. Designer Diamond Bracelets

Pawn your Diamond Bracelets for an Instant Cash Loan

Each piece of jewelry holds a certain significance to the owner. Perhaps your Diamond Bracelet was a gift from your husband, or perhaps it was a gift from mom. Whatever your story may be, know that you do not have to sell your Diamond Bracelets for instant cash. Instead, pawn them for an instant collateral loan! Pawn loans allow you the cash advancement you need without having to compromise your Diamond Bracelets.

Why We Are the #1 Pawn Shop in Queens & Long Island

  1. Low interest rates
  2. 100% Confidentiality
  3. Quality customer service
  4. Same day free expert appraisals
  5. Safe vault protection for your Diamond Bracelets
  6. Convenient hours 7 days a week
  7. Extensions past standard 4 month loan period
  8. Pawn loans up to $250,000.00