Best Place To Pawn Jewelry On Long Island:

Best Place To Pawn Jewelry On Long IslandThe best place to pawn jewelry on Long Island is The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers.  With 12 convenient locations throughout Long Island, we are never far from where you are.  When you enter our stylish and inviting offices to pawn your jewelry, the stigma associated with visiting pawn shops will never enter your mind. There is no plexiglass,  no dim lighting, and there are definitely no shady looking characters who will pressure you into leaving your jewelry with them. What you will find are tastefully designed offices that feature free Keurig coffee for your comfort and a professional and friendly staff that will take the time to address any concerns that you may have. We are, bar none, the best place to get a pawn cash loan in Long Island.

Why Are We The Best Place To Pawn Your Jewelry On Long Island? Our Staff!

Part of our success is attributed to our professionally trained staff. We hire and train individuals who have an affinity for customer service. They are empathetic and have a deep understanding that every person needs to be treated with dignity and respect. We understand that at times, the jewelry that you pawn may be a family heirloom or have deep sentimental value. For us, this is not just a transaction but a responsibility on our part. Our business model’s emphasis is on customer satisfaction and this is a value that we impart to our employees. Our staff is proud to boast that we are the best place to pawn jewelry on long Island. The Long Island Press has also acknowledged that claim by voting us the number one Pawn Shop on Long Island in 2013. We have also merited an “A” rating from The Better Business Bureau.

Simplicity And Security Are Our Primary Concerns:

Pawn My Jewelry On Long IslandOur ultra secure vaults on Long Island will ease any anxiety that you may have concerning the security of your pawned jewelry. We pledge to return your items in the same condition that you brought them in. We make the whole process simple and transparent without any hidden clauses to your loan. Our expert appraisers will give you the best offers for your jewelry anywhere on Long Island. The loan payout is always offered in cash for your convenience. If you are unable to redeem your pawn jewelry during your loan term, just come into the place where you pawned your jewelry and pay the finance charge. We will be happy to see you and extend your loan period. After your first visit, you will see why we are the best place to pawn your jewelry on Long Island.