Metal Prices (Gold, Silver, Platinum)

The precious metal prices chart below indicate the prices gold, silver and platinum are trading at in US dollars, per ounce. The price of gold on the gold value chart is determined two times each business day by members of The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. The London Fix is recognized worldwide as a standard method for pricing gold products and derivatives.

The live precious metal values chart below indicates gold, silver, and platinum, which are the most widely traded precious metals*:

Live Gold Value Price Chart*

24 hours, live gold price

Historic Gold Price Chart

Gold Gold, 60 Day Price

Gold, 60 Day Price

Gold Gold, 10 Year Price

Gold, 10 Year Price


Live Silver Price Chart*

24 hours, live silver price

Historic Silver Price Chart

Silver Silver, 60 Day Price

Silver, 60 Day Price

Silver Silver, 10 Year Price

Silver, 10 Year Price


Live Platinum Price Chart*

24 hours, live platinum price

Historic Platinum Price Chart

Platinum Platinum, 60 Day Price

Platinum, 60 Day Price

Platinum Platinum, 5 Year Price

Platinum, 5 Year Price

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At The Gold Standard we base our payout on 3 factors: 1) the purity of the item, i.e. 10K gold or 14K gold, 2) the weight of the item, and 3) the price that gold is trading at for the day on the gold value chart. We base our rates on the widely used London PM Fix, which comes out daily at approximately 10:30 AM EST.

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*Live prices may be delayed by 15 to 60 minutes.