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The Gold Standard in Queens
is a family-owned business. We are Queens Gold Buyers who have been at the top of the gold jewelry industry for 75 years. We offer our expertise in order to pay you top dollar for your gold. When selling your gold to us, feel confident you are dealing with a trusted, reputable industry leader in Queens whose first priority is your satisfaction. In the past years we have served hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers in Queens. Most important of all—The Gold Standard process is easy, fast, convenient, and safe.

Our mission at The Gold Standard is plain and simple: to give you more!

The Gold Standard is voted as best Queens gold buyer for highest payout. We strive to make each transaction the best and enjoyable experience. With gold prices at an all-time high, now is the time to get cash for your gold! Our staff consists of 3rd generation jewelers, fine watch specialists, gold and precious metal specialists.

Queens Gold Buyers — Selling gold in Queens? We will give you the information you need!

As business owners we want you to know us. Selling gold is just like any other recycling process, except you are dealing with a metal that is very expensive. It is a simple and straightforward process in which a price is calculated based on the amount of gold and the weight of that gold. The gold price, as valued by the stock market, reflects both the supply and demand for gold and the going rate. This is great for you as a customer, because you can sell your gold at these times when the price of gold is at an all-time high.

At The Gold Standard, you can turn your unwanted or even damaged gold, silver or platinum pieces into cash in any of our

convenient locations in Queens. We accept earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, coins and more. Not sure about What We Buy? Just check our website for a comprehensive list of different items we offer cash for.


Are you ready to get money fast for your unwanted gold?

Choose ONE of the simple steps below to sell your gold/jewelry:

  • Call us on (516) 513-0830 to setup a completely FREE Appraisal of your Items, in one of our secure locations located in Queens. Get paid *CASH* on the spot if you wish to sell your Gold/Jewelry.

  • Submit the “Schedule an Appointment” form on your right and one of our experienced buyers will call you to setup a FREE appraisal of your jewelry.

  • Don’t feel like coming out to see us? No problem. Request a FREE Insured Gold Kit that will arrive to your house. Send us your gold and receive a check within days.

Safely & Securely Sell Gold & Scrap Jewelry to The Gold Standard of Queens!

We look forward to the opportunity to see you in one of our convenient locations around Queens. Our Locations are completely secure and confidential. We promise you professional, friendly service and the highest payouts for your gold & precious metal in Queens.

Queens Pawn Shop

If you are in urgent need of cash & don’t want to sell your gold, consider the option of an instant loan for gold you own. In today’s economy, many people are looking for extra cash for everyday items they need. An instant cash loan for gold is an alternative that many of customers are finding easy which provides them with the temporary help that they need.

Visit The Gold Standard Location in Queens for quick and confidential loans on fine jewelry, diamonds, and other luxury collateral. We are trusted pawnbroker in giving clients the fairest valuations on luxury jewelry in Queens. Protect your privacy with the Gold Standard. We require no credit checks and report to no credit rating agencies . Our comfortable office located conveniently in Queens to ensure the confidentiality of your transaction with us.

If you are looking for fast access to cash in a secure fashion, try our easy gold pawning system today!