NY Gold Buyers

NYC Gold BuyersWith Gold hitting new highs liquidating your assets for cash with NY Gold Buyers has been made easy. Don’t just settle when choosing a gold establishment, The Gold Standard Jewelry and Gold Buyers urge you to demand the highest standard…..The Gold Standard. We test, weigh and evaluate your jewelry without it ever leaving your sight. With shops on every corner some places come and go but with 18 locations and three generations in the jewelry business, The Gold Standard is here to stay.

A Stellar Reputation in Gold Buying

We have been voted # 1 Gold Buyer by the L.I. Press for three years in a row (2011, 2012 & 2013) and we are New York’s only company with a 98% customer satisfaction rating. We offer a 110% guarantee. We match and exceed prices because we know our loyal customers deserve every dollar. Our mission is to provide you with great rates, excellent customer service and to address all of your needs. With integrity and honesty at the heart of each transaction we know our customers will come back and add to our growing family. With The Gold Standard you are family; so come and have a cup of coffee with us in your city or any of our 18 locations.

We Are Here to Stay

Gold Buying in New YorkNY Gold Buyers pop up in this economy to help people liquidate their gold, but many do not test the gold in front of you or explain the true karat of your gold. At The Gold Standard we test all your items in front of you and explain the testing process. It is important that you understand the karat and weight content of your items. We offer the best payout for your items and match any other quotes. We understand our customers need cash now and we want the best for them; being a family owned business we appreciate the community we are a part of.

Demand the Best When Selling Gold in NY!

  • We have been in the jewelry business for over 75 years with three generations in the business!
  • We have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau!
  • We have been voted #1 Gold Buyer consistently for three years in a row (2011,2012,2013)
  • We have also been voted #1 Pawn Shop 2013
  • We have a 98% customer Satisfaction rating!
  • We offer the highest payout we match all offers and exceed our competition
  • We have 18 Locations in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island

Stop In & Sell Gold With Us in NY

The Gold Standard has earned its reputation with honest transactions and great customer service. We give our customers a sense of security just like one would with a family. Our customers feel safe dealing with us in our pleasant stores with no bullet proof glass or dim lighting. Coffee, tea or some water is always at your disposal as you seal the deal and get a great price without feeling like your doing something wrong or shady. With The Gold Standard you are a part of our growing family and we are here to serve you so come on in today.