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Now you know the 12 leading Long Island pawn shops for Rolex watches, but you should know more about a place you’re willing to get a loan at! Just for starters, all Gold Standard offices are impeccably clean and well lit for your everyday pawn shop. Many new customers often say they are baffled on the exquisite decor and how inviting the staff is at The Gold Standard Long Island pawn shop. Customers are also impressed that they are even offered free Keurig hot coffee, tea or a glass water as soon as they enter.  Customer service is one of their Standard qualities, thus the reason  The Gold Standard holds an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau of New York.

Knowing What Type of Business You Get Your Loan From:

Are you looking for a Long Island pawn shop that takes Rolex watches to get a loan? Look no further, The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers is eminently the best Long Island pawn shop to sell Rolex watches at on Long Island. We have multiple Long Island pawn shop locations which makes life that much easier. Just on the island alone, The Gold Standard has 12 remarkable Long Island pawn shop offices to visit. So now you ask yourself, which of the 12 Gold Standard Long Island pawn shop locations will best be suited for me?

Pawn Your Rolex – the Process:

Check out The Gold Standard Long Island pawn shops to sell Rolex watches or inquire about getting a loan. The staff are friendly and well trained to get you the best rate when you sell Rolex watches on Long Island. They will sit with you and explain every step in the process for you to sell Rolex watches or to get a loan. They will examine the quality and details of your Rolex with appropriate tools and the top of the line Rolex Authentication online system.  The Gold Standard makes it a priority to confirm your Rolex and get you the best rate or price when you sell Rolex watches in Long Island!

Flexible Rolex Pawn Cash Loan Terms

This specific Long Island pawn shop has flexible loan terms for Rolex watches and much more!  The Gold Standard does not require any application or credit check for a loan.  The standard loan term is up to 4 months, however  their company understands the hardship of the economy and will allow an extension on your loan up to a year.  How great is that?  Upon your pick up of your valuable Rolex that has been stored in the company’s off site, top of the line, secured vault, you are given the 1st month interest free.  Best yet, when you get a loan at The Gold Standard, you get cash on the spot.  No hassles of check cashing, allows you to use your loan as soon as you get it!  These are all great aspects of why  The Gold Standard was ranked #1 “Best Pawn Shop” on Long Island in 2013 by the Long Island Press.  So, bring your Rolex watch in today and sell Rolex watches to us, or get your much-needed loan!