Sell Gold Party with The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard invites you to host a gold party and give your guests a lucrative reason to party. Combine the benefits of selling gold jewelry with your love for entertaining and host a sell gold party that will be a hit among all your friends. By throwing a jewelry selling party, you will give your friends and family the chance to experience The Gold Standard difference and receive cash for their valuables on the spot. When you host a gold party, your guests will enjoy the opportunity to get cash for their gold while you enjoy the company of great friends.

Host Gold Party Long IslandStep One: Invite 10+ Friends To Your Home


Gold Party New York Step Two: Our friendly staff will weigh each guest’s gold and pay everyone on the spot!


Gold Party QueensStep Three: Hosts Earn Top Dollar For Hosting the Jewelry Selling Party!


As a host, all you need to do to plan a promising jewelry selling party in New York is to invite ten or more of your nearest and dearest, and we will take care of all the party planning. One of our experienced Gold Standard staff members will also be added to the guest list for the sell gold party. Our expert will weigh each guest’s gold and pay everyone on the spot while you and your guests enjoy this typically two-hour jewelry selling party in New York. If you’ve got a lot on your plate, there’s no need to worry because all you need to do is invite your guests to the sell gold party, and The Gold Standard will handle the rest.
Of course, you will also enjoy the perks of being a fabulous host for a gold party. Our New York hosts earn ten percent of all jewelry purchased without having to use any of their own money. Add a little sparkle to your events and enjoy the benefits of being a host by turning your next celebration into a rewarding sell gold party. Your jewelry selling party in New York is going to set trends among your friends and be the most talked about event in your inner circle for years! Plan a jewelry selling party in New York that ends with happy guests, a happy host, and a lot more cash than the evening started with. Call 516-513-0830 to schedule your jewelry selling party today.