Car / Title Loans Are Illegal In Queens, Nassau, Suffolk and All of New York State

Buyer beware. Car Title Loans seem to be the rage these days, promising you quick cash for just sending in your car’s title. It sounds all so easy but it’s not. As a matter of fact, these car Title Loans are illegal in New York State, as well as 34 others. Take a look at some of the links below:

There are many other articles, on this topic,  just Google them. In most cases New York just does not outlaw a business practice for the heck of it, unless there is a good reason. And it seems there is plenty of good reason regarding car title loans , with the possibility of persons being taken advantage of with massive finance charges and the ease at which a person can find themselves without a car.

Car Pawn Loan

If you need a short term loan, instead of a car title loan, you can get a car pawn loan at The Gold Standard in Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk where you leave your car in our possession as collateral. There are a few requirements such a needing a clean title, however it is a very simple transaction that takes 15 minutes to complete. In most cases you can walkout with cash in your hand. It’s easy and legal!

Need a Car Pawn Loan?

We have 8 location in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. You can come to any of our locations and an expert appraiser will work with you to give you the highest car collateral loan possible. Or you can call 800-316-7060 and speak to one of our experts.