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The Gold Standard has been in the jewelry business for 75 years, across 3 generations of jewelers. We have evolved our business plan from manufacturing jewelry to offering a safe place for you to sell your Other Silver Items. With our years of experience, we pride ourselves in offering quality customer service. In 2010 & 2011, The Gold Standard has been voted Best of Long Island by the LI Press. We know our customer’s needs and we want to help them through these hard economic times. How do we do that? By providing a secure store, The Gold Standard is the best place for you to sell your unwanted and unused Other Silver Items. We’ll appraise any of your Other Silver Items for free and offer you the most cash on-the-spot!

We Buy Other Silver Items

Tired of polishing your unwanted Other Silver Items? Join our customers who have turned their unwanted Other Silver Items into instant cash. Instead of having your unused Other Silver Items sit in your house collecting dust, trade it in for some extra cash in your wallet! Our specialists are always here to help you understand how to determine the worth of your Sterling Silver. So what are you waiting for? Come in today!

Selling Your Other Silver Items

Other Silver Items has been the gift of choice throughout the years to celebrate milestone events such as engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Other Silver Items have also been common family heirlooms passed down from generations to generations. We used to be a far more formal society when Other Silver Items was the standard for formal entertaining. Today, our fast paced society has replaced the formal dining room with a large family room where your Other Silver Items is no longer desirable. On top of that, most of us don’t even have time to polish them. Now is the time to dust off those boxes and empty the closets of your unwanted Other Silver Items.

Common Brands of Other Silver Items We buy:

  1. Gorham
  2. Reed & Barton
  3. Wallace
  4. Towle
  5. Tiffany
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Other Silver Items manufacturers authenticate the flatware with the stamp “STERLING” or the number “925” on the back stem of the flatware piece. If you are unable to read the marking, do not hesitate to bring the items in and we will happily review it for you. Simply bring in your items, get a free assessment and walk away with extra money. We accept all walk-ins. All our customers must bring in a valid government issued ID proving you are 21 years of age or older.

Selling Your Other Silver Items is Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Bring in any unwanted Other Silver Items
  2. Get an instant quote after your Other Silver Items have been tested & weighed
  3. Receive cash on the spot for your old Other Silver Items