Sell Silver Coins for Cash

SilverCoins_3Looking for a dependable store to sell your Silver Coins for cash? Look no further than The Gold Standard. We have been offering our dependable silver buying services throughout Queens and Long Island from the past few decades till present day. At The Gold Standard, you can expect a safe and comfortable environment combined with a staff of friendly and licensed silver buyers. All of our scales are NY state certified so you are guaranteed the highest payout for your Silver Coins!

The Gold Standard is unlike any other gold or silver buyer. We have built our business upon providing years of quality customer service. When you head into any one of our 14 locations to sell silver in Long Island and Queens, you can expect a great experience. Just take it from our loyal customers who have voted The Gold Standard to be the ‘Best of Long Island’ for 2 years in a row! Stop by today to receive a free on the spot appraisal for your Silver Coins.

Sell Silver in Long Island and Queens

For as long as coins have been minted people have been collecting them for their bullion value. Around the 14th century, contemporary coin collecting and the appreciation of coins became a fad of the wealthy. In renaissance times, coin collecting became known as “The hobby of Kings” because only the very wealthy could afford it. Silver coin collecting was also popular because they were akin to portable pieces of rare, ancient and exotic art.

If you have been collecting silver coins or have coin enthusiasts as friends, now is the time to see what your coins are worth. Our professional coin experts are ready to meet with you in a secure and comfortable setting for a free appraisal to help you sell silver coins for cash easily. You can also expect us to provide you a clear understanding of how the value of your coins is determined.

Common Silver Coins We Buy:

  1. Minted: Pre 1965
    • American Silver Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters, and Dimes
    • Fineness: .999+
    • Fineness: .999+
    • Fineness: .999+
  2. Fineness: .999+
    • American $ 1 Eagle – aeus Round – 1 0z.1 oz.
    • Canadian $ 5 Maple Leaf – 1 oz.
    • Australian $ 1 Kookaburra – 1 oz.
    • Chinese 10 Yuan Panda – 1 oz.
    • Austrian 1.5 Euro Philharmonic – 1 oz.
    • Heraerus Round – 1 oz.

We Buy Silver Coins

You will be in excellent hands when you visit one of our 14 locations to sell silver coins for cash. We accept all silver coins pre 1965 and all present day fine silver coins. No appointment is necessary, just walk in to our location in Long Island to sell silver and walk away with extra money in your wallet. We are required to have our customers provide a valid government issued ID proving you are 21 years of age or older.