Sell Platinum Rings

platinum_ringsThe Gold Standard has 13 stores with knowledgeable professionals ready to help guide you through the process when you sell platinum rings. We are a business that is committed to building a firm and trustworthy relationship with all our clients. Our platinum experts take pride in following high ethical procedures when offering cash for platinum rings in Long Island, NY – no gimmicks or tricks. All our platinum buyer specialists are licensed for trade in NY state and offer cash for platinum rings in Long Island, NY. Our scales have been calibrated by the state of New York, so you can be assured that you get the most value when you sell platinum rings. In both 2011 and 2012, the LI press voted The Gold Standard Long Island’s #1 Gold Buyer. You can be sure that you are in good hands with us when you wish to sell platinum rings!

We Buy Platinum Rings

The Gold Standard offers you the most cash for platinum rings in Long Island, NY. We accept all kinds of platinum rings whether they are solid metal with no stones or diamonds or if they are decorated and ornate. If you’re not sure if your platinum is real, please be confident that all our stores are staffed with friendly on site platinum specialists that are experts at discerning fake platinum rings from authentic platinum rings. A good way to tell if your platinum ring is real is by the numbers and letters that may be engraved in the ring. Look for markings like “10% iridium and pt950” these are some of the most common markings to show authenticity. However even rings with proper markings may not be authentic. So what are you waiting for? Come in to one of our stores and have a professional appraise your rings so that you can get cash for platinum rings in Long Island, NY!

Common Platinum Rings We Buy:

  • Platinum Wedding Rings
  • Platinum Engagement Rings
  • Platinum High School Rings
  • Platinum College Rings
  • Broken Platinum Rings
  • Damaged Platinum Rings
  • Platinum Rings with Stones or Diamonds
  • Cocktail Platinum Rings

Platinum Rings Buyers in Long Island & Queens

When you bring in and sell platinum rings, our professional buyers will go through every aspect of the process and explain the details of your items like quality, Karat, weight, and the worth. No appointment is necessary and all verbal appraisals are free of charge. Just bring in your government issued ID and we will be glad to help you get cash for platinum rings in Long Island, NY. Must be 21 years and older.

Selling Your Platinum is Easy as 1-2-3!

  • Bring in any unwanted platinum rings
  • Get an instant quote after your rings have been tested & weighed
  • Receive on the spot cash for platinum rings