Sell Platinum Necklaces


The Gold Standard has 8 locations, throughout Long Island and Queens, for you to sell platinum necklaces. We have been in the jewelry business for over 75 years so you can trust that we are the most reputable platinum necklace buyers around. Our jewelry specialists and friendly managers uphold our business with ethical practices. All scales for measuring precious metals are New York State calibrated for accuracy. Our platinum necklace buyers promise you the highest cash payout when you sell platinum and platinum necklaces to us.

The Gold Standard is known for having the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. There is a reason why our customers voted us as the Best of Long Island for four consecutive years in a row! If you are looking for more than a business transaction, head on over to one of our 8 locations; we’ll treat you like family!

Best Long Island and Queens Platinum Necklaces Buyers

Platinum Necklaces Buyers

The Gold Standard’s platinum necklace buyers will help you determine what your platinum necklace is worth, and give you the highest cash payout. Platinum necklaces will usually have stamps or engravings like 10% iridium and pt950. Platinum is a very dense metal; our experienced platinum necklace buyers can tell just by holding the metal in their hand. We also test for authenticity by rubbing the necklace on our jewelers stone and applying an acid; depending on the reaction of that test we will be able to determine if the platinum is real. Our professional, friendly platinum necklace buyers will answer any questions you may have about the value of your platinum when you sell platinum necklaces.

Common Platinum Necklaces We Buy:

  1. Plain Platinum Necklaces
  2. Broken Platinum Necklaces
  3. Damaged Platinum Necklaces
  4. Mismatched Platinum Necklaces
  5. Platinum Necklaces with Diamonds
  6. Platinum Necklaces with Colored Stones & Gems
  7. All Designer Name Platinum necklaces
platinum necklaces buyers

We Buy Platinum Necklaces

The Gold Standard is looking forward to working with you and giving you a high payout for your platinum necklace. No appointment is needed and all drop ins are welcome.  Please make sure you have a government issued ID and you are at least 21 years old.