Sell Platinum Jewelry

Sell Platinum JewelrySell Platinum Jewelry with New York’s #1 Platinum Jewelry Buyers, The Gold Standard. The Gold Standard offers 8 safe and convenient stores with knowledgeable professionals ready to help guide you through the process of selling platinum jewelry. With 75 years in the jewelry business we are committed to building firm and trustworthy relationships with all our clients.

All of our platinum experts take pride in following high ethical procedures- no gimmicks or tricks. All our platinum jewelry buyers are licensed to trade platinum for cash, and all our scales have been calibrated by the state of New York. Bring in and sell platinum jewelry at any of our 8 locations for a high cash payout.

For four consecutive years the LI press voted The Gold Standard to be the ‘Best of Long Island’

Platinum Jewelry Buyers New York

The Gold Standard’s platinum jewelry buyers in New York accept all kinds of platinum jewelry. If you are looking to sell platinum jewelry such as: rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, brooches, pins, antique jewelry, or any other platinum jewelry you may have, we are here for you. If you’re not sure if your Platinum Jewelry is real, please be confident that all our stores are staffed with friendly on site platinum specialists that are trained at discerning the authenticity of your platinum.

A great way to tell if your Platinum Jewelry is real is by looking for numbers and letters that may be engraved in the piece. However even jewelry with proper markings may not always be authentic. For a more accurate appraisal of your platinum jewelry, simply visit one of our 8 locations for a free on the spot appraisal by our platinum jewelry buyers in New York!

Common Platinum Jewelry We Buy:

  1. Platinum Earrings
  2. Platinum Bracelets
  3. Platinum Necklaces
  4. Platinum Rings
  5. Broken or Damaged Platinum Jewelry
  6. Mismatched Platinum Jewelry
  7. Platinum Jewelry with Diamond or Colored Stones
  8. Platinum Jewelry Cuff Links
platinum jewelry buyers

We Buy Platinum Jewelry

Our platinum jewelry buyers will go through every aspect of the process for selling platinum jewelry. We’ll explain how the details such as the quality and weight will affect the overall value of your jewelry. No appointment is necessary and all verbal appraisals are free of charge. Just bring in your government issued ID stating you are 21+ and we will be glad to help you.

For more information call 800-316-7060