Sell Your Platinum Bracelets

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Sell your Platinum Bracelets at The Gold Standard, one of the most reputable platinum buyers in New York. We have 14 convenient locations throughout Queens and Long Island. In an economy like ours, money is hard to come by. Our staff is ready to help you get the most cash for your platinum. Trust us to give you top dollar for your platinum; all of our platinum buyers are licensed to work with scales that are annually calibrated by the state of NY.

The Gold Standard is an established business and the leading platinum buyer in New York. We strive to provide the ultimate customer experience by treating our customers with honesty, respect and by providing quality service. Head to any of our 14 locations to see why our customers voted us ‘Best of Long Island’ for two consecutive years in a row!

Platinum Bracelets Buyers

The Gold Standard will gladly go through the entire appraisal procedure with you so you can get the highest cash payout for your Platinum Bracelets. A great way to authenticate platinum jewelry is by looking for stamps or engravings such as “10% iridium” or “pt950”. Get the most accurate appraisal for your platinum – bring in your Platinum Bracelets for our staff to inspect. All testing is done in front of the customer to ensure a fair and honest trade.

Common Platinum Bracelet We Buy:

  1. Platinum Bracelets with Diamonds
  2. Cuff Bracelets
  3. Link Bracelets
  4. Bangle Bracelets
  5. Platinum Antique Bracelets
  6. Broken Platinum Bracelets
  7. Damaged Platinum Bracelets
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We Buy Platinum Bracelets

The Gold Standard is eager to help you earn some extra spending money. Sell your Platinum Bracelets with us and walk out the door with instant cash in your pockets. No appointment is needed; all walk-ins are welcome. Simply bring in a government issued ID stating you are at least 21 years or older.