Sell Gold Bracelets New York

GoldBracelets_3The Gold Standard Gold Buyers of New York is a family owned business who has been in the jewelry industry for over 75 years. When you need a safe and trustworthy place to sell gold bracelets at, visit any of The Gold Standard’s Gold Buyers of New York 8 locations throughout Queens, Long Island and Manhattan. Our friendly Gold Buyers New York staff of experienced and licensed gold buyers are eager to help you get the most cash when you sell gold bracelets in new York.

The Gold Standard operates under strict ethical business practices.  Our scales are calibrated yearly by the state of NY, we are licensed to trade gold for cash, have earned an A rating with the BBB and are members of industry wide jewelry organizations. For four consecutive years in a row, The Gold Standard has been Voted #1 Gold Buyer by the Long Island Press.  

New York’s #1 Gold Bracelet Buyers

The Gold Standard’s gold buyers of New York will buy your gold bracelets and pay you the highest cash payout possible when you sell gold bracelets in New York. If you are unsure of the purity of your gold bracelet, feel free to bring it in to any of our 8 gold buyers’ locations in New York for a free evaluation and to sell gold bracelets in New York. Our professional gold buyers in New York use the most accurate purity test to determine the karat of the gold so we can pay you accordingly when you sell gold bracelets in New York. So what are you waiting for? Come in today for your free gold appraisal and sell gold bracelets!

Types of Gold Bracelets We Purchase:
  1. Gold Chain Bracelets
  2. Vintage Gold Bracelets
  3. Broken or Damaged Gold Bracelets
  4. Gold Cufflinks or Gold Bangles
  5. Diamond & Gold Bracelets
  6. Brand Name Gold Bracelets

We Buy Gold Bracelets New York

The Gold Standard’s gold buyers in New York offer free evaluations and appraisals of all gold bracelets. Factors that affect your payout are the weight of the item, the gold purity, and the value of gold at the time you sell gold bracelets. Since the 1970s, all real gold jewelry is required to be marked and stamped of the purity. Look for a marking on the inside of your gold bracelet such as 14K or 18K. In addition to looking for a stamp, our gold buyers in New York use state of the art testing kits to determine the correct metal purity in your gold bracelet. We weigh your bracelet on NY State calibrated scales and finally offer you the highest cash payout possible. Our expert gold buyers in New York will walk you through each step of determining the value of your gold bracelet so you are comfortable and confident you are receiving a fair payout.

We accept all walk-ins and no appointment is needed. We only require our customers to bring in a valid government issued ID stating that you are 21 years of age or older.

Selling Your Gold Bracelet is Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Bring in any unwanted gold bracelets
  2. Get an instant quote after your bracelet has been tested & weighed
  3. Receive cash on the spot for your gold bracelet


For more information call 800-316-7060.