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DiamondRings_3The Gold Standard is the safest and most professional place in Queens and Long Island, NY for you to sell diamond rings for cash. Simply bring in your Diamond Rings into the nearest shop for the most outstanding customer service in the industry.

It’s official! The Gold Standard has been [short display=’voted1′] by our customers. When it comes to earning our customer’s trust, we don’t fool around. There will never be any hidden tricks or gimmicks. Because we are committed to building a solid business, our customers can expect a business with high ethical standards when they sell diamond rings in NYC.

We Buy Diamond Rings

If you want the most cash when you sell diamond rings, come to The Gold Standard. Our diamond ring buyers guarantee top dollar for your rings. We buy diamond rings of all shapes, sizes, multiple diamonds, single diamonds, colored diamonds and more.

When you sell diamond rings at The Gold Standard NYC, our friendly, professional staff will help you determine the value of your Diamond Rings and let you know if they are real diamonds or cubic zirconia. Four major components are used throughout the world to evaluate a diamond’s quality and value.

  1. Cut: One of the most important components. The cut determines the brilliancy.
  2. Color: Colorless diamonds are the most common, however there are a range of colored diamonds.
  3. Carat: The size of a diamond measured by weight.
  4. Clarity: The visibility of internal and external flaws. The less flaws, the more expensive the diamond is.

Diamonds with the combination of the highest 4C ratings are more rare and more expensive.

We Buy Diamond Rings:

  • Diamond Wedding Rings
  • Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Diamond High School Rings
  • Diamond College Rings
  • Broken Diamond Rings
  • Damaged Diamond Rings
  • Diamond Rings with Colored Stones, Gems, or Diamonds
  • Cocktail Diamond Rings
  • Name brand Diamond Rings like Cartier, Tiffany, and Judith Ripka
  • Antique Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings Buyers in Long Island & Queens

Here at the Gold Standard our professional diamond ring buyers will make the process of selling diamond rings extremely easy and time efficient. No appointments are necessary to sell diamond rings in NYC and all verbal appraisals are free of charge. Just bring in your government issued ID to sell diamond rings for cash and our buyers will be glad to help you with an appraisal of your ring’s value. Must be 21 years and older to sell diamond rings.

Selling Your Diamond Ring for Cash is Simple

  1. Bring in any unwanted Diamond Rings
  2. Get an instant quote after your gold has been tested & weighed
  3. Sell your diamond ring for cash on the spot